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D741661 Tote for a slow cooker
D739111 inflatable automobile jack
D736837 Round bale move and feeder
D736601 Hose support device
D735988 Hand harness
D735867 Crash cart
D735274 Casino table
D732154 Vaporizer for tobacco, medications, and the like
D727015 Key holder and connector for a wireless earpiece device
D720113 Safety return idler glove
D719678 Safety door
D718583 Hoe
D717626 Adaptor for holding a tap threading device
D717604 Drinking Glass
D714632 Wire tie device
D714600 Tool for removing items from a truck bed
D707889 Back brush
D706742 Vibrating pager for mobile phones
D700111 Aerodynamic device for trailers and the like
D699570 Device for spreading force of a bag handle over a user's hand
D692195 Kit device for clearing a drain
D691864 Set of components for a tomato tower with adjustable support trays
D691668 Dominoes game betting chip
D682466 Dental toothpaste strips
D676538 Trash pail automatic spray freshening device
D675168 In line slide switch for disconnecting both conductors
D675031 Corner picture frame
D673299 Half-step staircase structure
D673193 Set of adaptors for holding a threading device
D672320 Universal remote control with cooperating charging base
D666257 Exercise apparatus
D664058 A pair of hand signaling gloves
D662614 Device for repairing a fence post
D660582 Personal pill organizer and identifier
D658779 Collapsible portable hunting blind
D658354 Shirt sleeve shorts garment
D656814 Hinged cuplock scaffolding coupler
D655908 Pair of open-toe dance socks with foot pad
D655507 Traveler's tote
D653833 Electric hydraulic power step
D652713 Fitting for connecting a-frame barriers
D651563 Charge cube
D650577 Clip on tool holder for gripping on to a garment

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