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9226537 Eyelash measuring device
9216344 Tile alignment and matching game
9211847 Hose landing system kit RVS and the like
9210956 Electromagnetic field reduction brassiere
9196052 System for viewing contents in a burial vault
9186860 Vaporizer kit for tobacco, medications, and the like
9108779 Wire tie device
9097017 Easy fit concealed post anchor system
9089169 Garment apparatus for interactive engagement with children or pets
9084414 Device for aiding a user in threading a fish hook
9078413 Device for cleaning pets in cooperation with a pet door
9067738 Safety return idler glove
9067734 Mattress moving aid
9061177 Wrist exercise device
9060603 Modular cable wine rack system
9051721 Device for clearing a drain
9051082 Beach glass and cooperating caddy for storing or transporting
9050990 Cart for high pressure gas tanks
9050515 Golf swing training machine
8991406 Combination wig and carrying pouch
8905459 Hood/panel cover for vehicles
8915529 Device for aiding a user in removing items from a truck bed
8942550 Variable speed heat air gun and cooperating kit
8894336 Self-tapping and sealing replacement plug
8881452 Tomato tower with adjustable support trays
8850949 Safety door for classrooms and the like
8845565 Arm sling neck cushion kit
8844941 Adaptor for holding a threading device
8839998 Chainsaw rack for pickup trucks, off road utility vehicles and the like
8763170 Sink strainer scraper apparatus for dislodging residual solid debris therefrom
8723037 Cover for protecting a duplex electrical receptacle and similar devices
8715172 Double bladed laryngoscope having video camera and liquid crystal display for facilitating intubation procedure
8702231 Snap-on sunglasses
8701804 Constant recharging air and electric alternating vehicle power system
8678872 Talking pinata
8650796 Device for protecting a fishing rod
8607801 Tobacco chamber tool
8602711 Combination tennis ball cart and mower
8596458 Traveler's hygienic tote
8550540 Aerodynamic device for trailers and the like
8550518 Hunting gear retriever
8550248 Personalizable organizer display for identifying actual pill samples and indicating associated information therewith
8523607 Chair provision with an apparatus for converting solar energy to power electrical devices such as space ships and boats
8522415 Drainable oil filter and method for draining oil from an engine
8522378 Aesthetically and size customizable sheet/blanket/spread/comforter for a bed
8474672 Hiker's buddy apparatus for sharing with a hiker the carrying load of a backpack
8443821 Flood detection and valve shutoff device
8434805 Protective shield for a bus driver
8424644 Bracket for connecting sawhorses
8424542 Combined tray and applicator for holding and facilitating application of false eyelashes
8402677 Ornamental device for footwear
8371549 Holder for a toothpaste tube and toothbrushes
8371401 Electric power hybrid propulsion generation system for a motor vehicle
8359671 Pairing and indexing system for a garment pair
8353742 Automatic sausage rolling machine
8353069 Device for heating cooling and emitting fragrance into bedding on a bed
8348287 Slab cart
8343021 Exercise apparatus
8316509 Combination closure cap and carrying handle useable on beverage bottles and the like
8267380 Retractable fence apparatus
8261376 Device for aiding a person in urination (straight shooter)
8245634 Perforated sheet material and a set of sequin/confetti
8245475 Environment friendly building system utilizing recycled/upcycled collapsed preformed & post consumer plastic material
8220469 Hair highlighting applicator nozzle
8196779 Dispenser for a liquid in a container and for mounting to differently configured places
8162712 Personalized doll kit with computer generated photograph face
8104234 Prefabricated decorative frieze trim
8079768 Apparatus for delivering paint to a paint roller directly from a paint can with a compartment for holding a paint brush
8075822 Stone-hard mold-free scented and decorative bead and similar article and method of fabrication
8033417 Apparatus for holding a stackable bucket in place when mixing materials therein
8024998 Locking pliers for being one-handed adjustable clampable and releasable
8012994 Method for the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss with donepezil hydrochloride (aricept (r))
8002349 Chair provision with an apparatus for converting solar energy to power electrical devices
7993313 Apparatus and method for facilitating emptying an ostomy pouch or a person's bladder into a disposable sealable bag
7978566 Timing apparatus for alerting a user when time has elapsed
7975323 Filter for preventing hair from becoming clogged in a drain
7959515 Combination pool table having a rebound surface convertible from eight sides to a circular shape and portions thereof
7958640 Pole saw head having rope setting auxiliary hook
7934846 Welding helmet having an automatic lighting system
7934512 Hair highlighting applicator
7934498 Device and method for facilitating delivery of medication/humidity to a patient without braking a ventilator circuit
7913416 Portable hair dryer optimally having a dual heating source
7913319 Disposable single use and shape-retaining pad for protecting a kee
7891123 Decorative frame and hanging element for recorded media cases utilizing a single sheet of printed paper
7887430 Golf putter with sighting apparatus
7866336 Mechanical emergency liquid shut-off device
7851715 Fireman switch assembly activated by mechanical timer with captive trippers
7845089 Electrical fixture for facilitating the location of a corresponding opening in a construction panel
7841389 Apparatus for efficiently distributing warm air generated by a steam radiator
7819785 Safety device for spotting a user of a barbell without a need for human intervention
7814581 Device for a person to reduce straining during expulsion of fecal matter into a toilet
7798886 Remote controlled unmanned vehicle and combination cooler
7797766 Toilet odor exhaust device
7797761 Disposable and sanitary upper torso garment for shielding the skin of a person from a brassiere
7748159 Device for trapping flies
7739830 Vacuum-creating fly swatter
7717144 Device for applying salt and melted butter into popcorn
7662088 Adult sexual novelty device for those physically challenged
7645159 Mechanism for installing and removing a component from a panel
7603838 Edging attachment for a rotary lawn mower
7552981 Left and right hand convertible door enclosure
7552825 Tote bag for organizing securing and safely transporting laundry supplies
7537285 Device that automatically rocks a rocking a chair and similar articles
7511241 Rotary indexing mechanism for a mechanically activated control
7509963 Machine for washing trays
7445016 Shock-absorbing cane
7444954 Gangplank system for facilitating safe boarding and disembarking from a boat
7438271 Holder and wringer for a sponge
7395986 Dispenser for readily attaching to a role-type toilet-tissue holder and dispensing moist towelettes from a role
7392925 Handheld fluid cooled electric solder tweezers
7360317 Level having an adjustable mechanism for truing to acquire an exact reading
7338285 Disposable prophy angle with encompassing integral toroidal paste pouch for attaching to a dental handpiece
7338064 Pivotal fold away trailer hitch mount
7338032 Leverage utilizing bar for facilitating prying a flat member from a slender member
7337712 Vessel for separating and collecting excess oil from deep fried foods disposed therein before the sauteing thereof

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