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7325350 Firearm for extinguishing a fire from a position remote from the fire
7319199 Fusible electric slide switch
7300238 Multi-function winch for interchangeably attaching to both the front and back of an all-terrain vehicle
7299919 Displayable indicia box
7264556 Collapsible golf club
7249542 Self-adjusting variable grip locking plier for gripping a workpiece
7249435 Device for holding a bucket of frozen chum
7238118 Foldable golf swing training aid for use by a right-handed golfer an a left-handed golfer
7237351 Changeable display sign system
7222629 Apparatus for securing an eyelash holder platform to a back of a beautician's hand
7201307 High security mail box
7195140 Holster for attaching to a leg of a user and holding a hammer
7174843 Hydrofoil unit for attaching to the stern of the hull of a boat
7166789 Device for preventing unintentional removal of an end of a guitar strap from an enlarged guitar strap peg of a guitar
7165596 Shade for preventing rain from entering an open double hung window of any width
7155792 Hand ratchet quick release brake pad spreader tool
7153260 Laryngoscope for simultaneously facilitating the illuminating of a throat pathway and inserting an intubation tube
7143448 Bib for catching waste
7140155 Joints for constructing a shear wall
7124603 Ice retaining shot glass system
7114417 Adjustable spanner wrench for spanner heads having different size holes
7096838 Reversible four cycle internal combustion engine
7077440 Knockdown nerf bar for replaceably and adjustably protecting a side of a vehicle from dings and dents
7066102 Moorage for affixing to a floating dock and allowing a user to single handedly soft land dock and moor a boat thereto
7063291 Amphibian delta wing jet aircraft
7045697 Electronic tambourine
7044863 Grip adjusting insert for a hole in a bowling ball
7040027 Rear peep sight for mounting to a bow string having interchangeable sight ports for accommodating user preferences
7028842 Case indicative of specific greens of a specific golf course for displaying golf balls on tees
7025071 Oscillating machine for washing trays
7021629 Word-forming game for at least two players and apparatus therefore
6974616 Thermoglue binding tape to protect and decorate carpet's edges and borders with a fuse system
6966528 Holder for attaching a remote control to a piece of furniture
6957247 Internet system
6953296 Multi-tip marker
6945451 Mail receptacle for attaching to a periphery of a mail slot of a door
6944888 System for venting noxious fumes from a toilet
6935912 Self-contained emergency marker for attaching to and selectively ascending from a diver's buoyancy control device
6930268 On-off electrical switch having quick make-brake spring loaded plunger mechanism
6915924 Bottled water source to soft drink dispenser machine
6912975 Retractable tether for a pet
6857159 Renewable sponge
6843035 Track component for fabricating deflection wall
6834897 Lock striker plate for attaching to a doorjamb
6827230 Side opening rain tight electrical enclosure
6805068 Hydrofoil system for lifting a boat partially out of water an amount sufficent to reduce drag
6803742 Solar rechargeable battery
6796311 Increased sensitivity condom for simultaneously reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases
6796094 Mortarless concrete wall system
6793092 Disposable container for disposing of used oil
6791039 Muli-terminal electrical safety switch for simultaneously closing and opening electrical circuits connected thereto
6773379 Exercise device for the upper torso of a user
6769692 Game method for sharpening anagramming skills and apparatus therefore
6767207 Method of fabricating a flexible retentive bite block
6761603 Personal water rescue device
6761369 Truck for preventing damage thereto when attaching to a skate board and negotiating and contacting a curb
6753485 Rotary switch containing fuse capabilities
6752279 Device for attaching at least one flower pot to a tree trunk
6747278 Radiation detector utilizing an unregulated power supply
6746179 System component system and method for aerating of compost and the draining of excess liquid contained therein
6740012 Practice device for enhancing strike ability of a boxer
6736764 Device for training a martial artist to kick
6719652 Arrow for providing an exit for fluid from game upon impact in the game
6719091 Coaxial speaker system
6684417 Vented toilet plunger
6675966 Shuck for drying a paintbrush
6671897 Lift assisting device and stabilizing device for a bather and a shower respectively
6669174 Kneeless kicking tool for stretching a carpet
6666344 Book shelf support for standing on a floor and unattachably abutting against a wall
6665381 Self-contained device using a single phone line to receive phone calls and facsimiles while connectable to the internet
6655077 Trap for a mouse
6652112 Decorative light strip for self-attaching to a rain gutter or roof overhang
6652047 Device for storing pills and indicating quantity of the pills to be taken at times specifically indicated thereon
6648158 Self-closing cap for a bottle
6640350 User interactive mat for a urinal
6637608 Freestanding frame for supporting shelves
6634123 Device for waving a flag and banner
6612812 Semiautomatic electronic system for sensing and increasing liquid in a containment vessel to a predetermine level
6609337 Tile for a pitched roof
6595090 Tool for manually turning an engine
6592055 Sprinkler device having an inflatable hoop-shaped manifold for children to utilize as a recreational fun toy
6589089 Self-righting flotation seat for an infant
6582329 Hoop for indicating when a basketball passes there through
6581219 Rotary shower brush for mounting in a shower stall
6570548 Display device for providing graphical display having a variable number of vertical and horizontal lines of resolution
6568543 Bookend for forming from a single piece of sheet metal
6565229 Telescopic flashlight
6551163 Bubble-forming wand
6547194 Magnetic therapeutic support for an upper extremity of a user using an electronic computing device
6536818 Bumper for a motor vehicle
6527352 Storage element
6519981 Anti-theft device for a lower unit of an outboard engine and stern drive
6511392 Baseball bat with interchangeable portions
6506057 Method for reading and writing lines containing words formed from letters
6502625 Hand-held casting device for molding a hollow pointed grooved and twice throughbored bullet
6494649 Table for a drill press
6493944 Rotatively mounted self-powered device for wearing and for use by right and left handed operators in cutting foliage
6481020 Head wrap for keeping a hairstyle of a user in place while sleeping
6478510 Dive vest
6473976 Sharpener for a pencil and being powered by a rotary tool
6471180 Free standing storage stand for an outdrive
6470503 Foot operated device for lifting a seat of a toilet
6454453 Hand tool for driving and selectively illuminating through a conventional socket
6443930 Male incontinent garment
6442888 Adjustable aerator for fitting different sized live bait wells
6426919 Portable and hand-held device for making humanly audible sounds responsive to the detecting of ultrasonic sounds
6425387 Portable device for containing a campfire therein
6413144 Hand-held toy for lighting when spun
6412209 Waterfowl decoy for selectively simulating feeding in water
6401254 Device for wearing on a hand and counting and displaying golf strokes taken per hole per game
6393619 Anklet for encircling an ankle of a child and engaging a foot covering so as to prevent loss of the foot covering
6389755 Gutter and downspout system for facilitating clean out and prevention of breakage due to ice dam buildup
6389600 Shirt for a user wearing pants and for preventing sand from entering the pants when the user slides
6386756 Cup for indicating temperature of contents thereof and method of making
6382820 Illuminating novelty device for a hubcap

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