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6381763 Plunger for clearing a clogged drain
6379091 Device for holding nozzle of a hose of a vacuum source to a drill press in a predetermined orientation to a work piece
6374765 Device for determining amount of deployment of an anchor from a rope compartment having an anchor line through hole
6374523 Holder for mounting to a surface and interchangeably displaying a sheet of material
6367636 Kitchen device for resting on counter top and pitching a drain board supported thereon into a sink in the counter top
6350092 Dowel fastener and method for securely attaching items to an edge of composite board
6349479 Ruler for guiding a blade and for providing shielding protection from the blade for the hand holding the ruler
6345793 Flexible rotatable device for transmitting tension compression and torque forces
6345457 Decorative article for simulating a snow scene
6340341 Weighted device for maintaining the arm in a proper position for maximizing pectoral muscle exercising
6340198 Multi-part and multi-function cover for selective portions of a vehicle
6340026 Caring device for toes
6339922 Jewelry chain
6339853 Combination hydrothermal bath and bidet
6338211 Memorial marker for staking in a grave
6332431 Perch for trimming of a bird's nails to a predetermined length so as to prevent over trimming and resulting bleeding
6330992 Device for supporting a camera on a surface
6325070 Brush for holding at least one of a fluid dispensing device and other items therein
6322266 Hand-held device for cleaning a windshield wiper blade
6318653 Electric fishing set
6318503 Exterior emergency escape system for use on a multi-storied building
6318198 Bicycle transmission
6311872 Hand-held disposable dispenser for powder
6308716 Core for an adhesive device for attaching a false eyelash to an eyelid
6308468 Earth anchor for supporting a pole
6289899 Kit for holding and applying nail primer
6287220 Soccer practice return net
6283929 Apparatus for massaging a body
6272796 Mortise and tenon joint for post and beam i-beams composed of fiber reinforced pultruded polymer composite
6261196 Releasable/break-away sports goal
6260228 Hand-held device for removing lint balls from a fabric
6260204 Flexible protector for the back of the neck of a wearer of a hard hat
6250653 Carriage for seating multiple children
6244326 Customizable device for tying back a group consisting of curtains draperies decorations towels and vertical blinds
6241147 Pouch for a wedge-shaped cosmetic foundation sponge
6233949 Portable device for wearing by a user and removing deposits from a surface
6233739 Vest for a golfer
6231535 Support for maintaining the head of a wearer erect when the wearer is in a sitting position
6230440 Rotating display device
6223758 Novelty umbrella for a child
6219926 Ruler for measuring and marking lengths and angles relative to a horizontal plane utilizing gravity
6213022 Cartridge for hunting or the like
6210772 Protector for a front fender of a vehicle
6209165 Hand-held device for scrubbing a body part therewith and for capturing a washing article therein
6208592 Clock with novelty hands
6189415 Device for providing proper clearance when driving a nail
6183041 Air deflector having multiple tandem airfoils
6158933 Dirt cap device for visually indicating rotation of a fastener and for keeping the fastener clean
6158052 Tray for suspending from the neck immediately below the chin for holding food without the use of hands
6155764 Support for wearing on the torso and supporting and raising a ceiling panel
6154962 Head having elliptical blades for an electric shaver
6154881 Face protector
6146296 Multiple speed transmission for connecting an air conditioner compressor of a vehicle to the engine of the vehicle
6146017 Plastic bags having through bores for easy opening
6139108 Chair frame
6133812 Switching relay with magnetically resettable actuator mechanism
6132691 Station for soaking intracavity probes
6125998 Whistle case
6123046 Device for disposing of the feces from an animal utilizing any disposable plastic bag
6122830 Self-powered device for wearing on the back and for cutting foliage
6115950 Rotating display
6102359 Skid plate for protecting the bottom of a central air-conditioning unit from damage caused by transport and corrosion
6102159 Portable system for removing oil from an oil containing device
6094778 Portable vacuum cleaner for attaching to a can of compressed gas for creating a suction
6091326 Device for reminding a driver of a vehicle of dates specific to the vehicle
6086439 Adjustable depth marker buoy
6082475 Robotic leg for traversing a path similar to that of a human leg during walking
6079350 Device for attracting attention – (Taxi hailer)
6079049 Combination pair of gloves with housing accessories for replaceable attaching to a garment
6070899 Self-retracting cart for use in the cargo bay of a sport utility vehicle
6070409 Engine for powering by water
6069317 Junction box for facilitating the installation of electrical cable therein
6067938 Modularly stackable centrally ventilated bird house
6067690 Device for attaching to a sliding door and for allowing opening of the sliding door by use of a foot
6065491 Blind alignment sillcock with non-vibrating loose wall mounting
6058634 Light emitting artwork
6056235 Refillable dispenser for replacing standard roll of toilet tissue with roll of pre-moistened wipes
6056165 Free standing cordless gun for dispensing liquid glue and similar materials
6056133 Display device and storage rack component having a hanging member & a resting member integrally formed with and removable from the component
6052914 Error proof measuring tape rule
6050627 Device for extending the bed of a transport vehicle
6050580 Tow bar for towing a trailing bicycle by a leading bicycle
6050099 Apparatus for dispensing liquid on a wearer's head
6041768 Oven having an electric timing system for saving and controlling gas
6039385 Retractable air deflector for a vehicle
6036250 Trailer for reducing boundry layer normal-pressure drag thereon
6029674 Device for attaching a false eyelash when the original adhesive has lost its adhesion
6022297 Portable device for exercising front thighs
6019660 Balloon for interlocking with another balloon
6015357 Broadhead for use as both an expandable blade head and a fixed blade head
6005236 Automatic sun tracking apparatus
6004063 Adjustable 3-way scaffold fasteners
6003596 Cover for a steam radiator and for circulating air therepast
6003350 Lock for an automotive transmission of a vehicle having a center console with a floor mounted gear shift selector lever
6000939 Universal alignment indicator
6000820 Low voltage light novelty decorations
5997060 Chute shovel
5992852 Game method for learning trucking
5989178 Magnetic ring
5989149 Automatic friction wheel transmission

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